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Welcome to VXM Secure – Where Excellence and Dedication Unite!
Guided by the vision of our founder, Tom Madaras, our incredible team doesn’t just work hard; we embody dedication. What sets us apart? It’s the spirit of collaboration that shapes everything we do. As a team, we combine our skills and wholehearted commitment to achieve remarkable results. Consider us your partners on this journey.

Over the years, we’ve developed strong bonds with government agencies and private enterprises. Our reputation is built on the trust we’ve earned, particularly from esteemed institutions like DoD, DOE, and NASA. VXM Secure isn’t your typical service provider. We’re the people you can count on – approachable, proficient, and always here to help. Whether it’s sourcing strategic minerals or fortifying your digital world, we’re committed to your success.

About The Founder

Tom Madaras is the visionary founder of VXM Secure, as well as a service-disabled veteran. His remarkable journey brings together dedicated military service, a successful career in the tech industry, and a strong commitment to innovation. Tom’s path began with a four-year tenure in the US Navy, where he honed his skills as a diver and an interior communications electronics specialist.

This dedication to duty continued as he extended his service to the US Army National Guard, taking on roles as a paramedic and Intelligence specialist. Tom’s exceptional contributions during the 1st Gulf War led to his receiving the prestigious National Service Defense Medal, a recognition of his sacrifice and unwavering commitment. With over 30 years in the technology industry, Tom’s expertise grew immensely.

He led teams responsible for global communications, playing a pivotal role in designing networks and managing infrastructure. Tom’s ability to oversee a $37MM budget for global network infrastructure demonstrated his strategic proficiency. Tom’s innovative spirit came to life as a founding member of a Satellite communications company.

His instrumental role in designing, testing, and managing IP systems and satellite infrastructure showcased his knack for transforming ideas into reality. Tom’s guidance extended to various organizations, helping them seamlessly integrate systems and services to enhance efficiency and ROI. Tom’s academic achievements include an MBA in international business from Columbia Southern University and a Masters in legal studies from Washington University St. Louis school of law.

His unique combination of military service, technological expertise, and education served him well in the investment-banking sector. With transactions exceeding 2 billion dollars, Tom demonstrated a profound understanding of the intersection between technology and business, contributing to buyouts and seed funding across diverse industries. Tom Madaras’ journey is a tribute to service, innovation, and transformative leadership. His enduring legacy continues to unfold, leaving an indelible mark on the technological landscape and the lives he has touched.



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